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At Sonorilo Solutions we believe data is knowledge and with knowledge is power. A professionally architected solution will help you unlock the potential of your data and drive your business forward. We pride ourselves on helping small businesses and departments in large corporations create custom, cost effective, data driven solutions that are tailored to their business needs. Contact us today for a no cost evaluation.

Services we offer

Some of the services we offer to help make your business more efficent

Custom Software Development

Custom software doesn’t have to be expensive. We pride ourselves on creating affordable custom applications that can grow with you. Give your business a competitive advantage by letting us partner with you to create a custom solution.

Access to SQL Server Migration

Migrating your existing Access application to SQL Server will provide robust scalability and enhanced security. We have over 20 years of experience migrating Access databases to SQL Server.

Data Visualization

It’s easier for the human brain to process large amounts of information with charts and graphs rather that reports or spreadsheets. Whether it’s Excel, Power BI or Tableau, we can help you unlock your data.

Cloud Migration

Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS services offer extremely affordable, secure and scalable cloud database hosting. Let us help migrate your existing Access or SQL Server database to the cloud.

Office Automation

Microsoft Office is a world class suite of productivity applications that has a robust programing interface. We have extensive experience automating functionality of Word, Excel and Outlook.

Web Development

Whether you are looking for a complete web application or looking to augment a local legacy application, we can help you access your data.

Data Modeling

Having a solid data model is like having a solid foundation to your building. We have over 25 years of experience analyzing business process and designing relational models. We can help you create a schema from the ground up or review your existing design.

Process Automation

Duplicate data entry, copying spreadsheet and repetitive tasks are all signs of business inefficiencies. By analyzing your current process, we can work with you to find automate repetitive task that can help minimize your expenses and let your business grow.

Sonorilo Solutions

Key Team Members

With over 25 years of database experience, Kevin is a seasoned professional. Before he joined Microsoft in 2008, he owned a consulting practice that provided database solutions to a broad range of clients. Kevin worked as a software development engineer in test on the Microsoft Access Team and helped ship three releases of Access.

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Kevin Bell Owner, CEO

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